Accept Blockchain Payments in-store,
Get paid in Crypto or Fiat RocaPay cryptocurrency merchant payment gateway offers the best service for you and your users

Instant Transactions

Your client’s cryptocurrency purchases are processed instantly, crediting your wallet balance

No Chargebacks

All sales are final, fraudulent chargebacks are a thing of the past

Merchant-Friendly Dashboard

Easily track and manage all transactions, exchanges and withdrawals from your account dashboard

Secure Fiat and Crypto Wallet

Your funds are always safe with our proprietary wallet management system and strong banking partnerships

No price fluctuations

Automatic or manual crypto-to-fiat exchange to avoid any risk of adverse price fluctuation

Fiat payout in your local currency

Get your hard-earned money directly in your bank account in EUR

Fast and Easy Integration Get up and running in no time with our API or eCommerce plugins for all major shopping carts

Our fees Unmatched service for unmatched fees, saving you between 2% and 5% per transaction


Crypto transaction processing

Get the coins your clients paid with and withdraw them to your cryptocurrency wallet


Crypto-to-fiat transaction processing

Automatically convert the crypto to EUR and USD and protect yourself from any price risk

Are you a high-risk merchant?

Or maybe you do not even know how your business is classified? That is fine! Regardless of whether you are a low- or high-risk merchant, RocaPay cryptocurrency payment gateway is the best solution for accepting online payments. With straightforward application and ready-to-use integrations, you can be up and running in no time.

We guarantee 100% protection for all low- and high-risk merchants we on-board. The fraudulent chargebacks and unjustifiably high fees are a thing of the past due to the irreversible nature of the cryptocurrency transactions. Get your hard-earned money in crypto or in EUR or USD directly in your bank account.

  • No set-up fees, no rolling reserve
  • Crypto and Fiat Payout
  • Free merchant support
  • Quick & easy integration
  • 100% merchant protection
  • Save 2% - 5% per transaction

Sign up today and skyrocket your global sales!

RocaPay services both low- and high-risk merchants operating in various industries, among others: Recurring payments - Subscription / continuity-based billing *Adult entertainment and online dating *Travel and Hospitality *Gambling and Gaming *Tobacco *CBD *Beauty, Health and Fitness *Fashion and Apparel Home goods *Online retail *Law firms and Attorneys *Consultants *Forex brokers *Binary Options *Software development * Marketing and Advertising

Frequently Asked Questions Don’t know where to start? Check out our FAQ page.

What are the fees for transactions within the platform?

Cryptocurrency transfers from your RocaPay wallet to any other RocaPay wallet are free of charge. For all other transaction fees, please visit our Pricing page where you can find detailed information about our pricing and fees.

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Do I need an account to use your services?

Yes. In order to use RocaPay, you must open an account. The process is standard: You will need to provide contact information as well as information about your business. All information must be complete, accurate and up-to-date...

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Is my personal information ever shared with third parties? What is RocaPay’s Privacy Policy?

Your privacy is important to RocaPay, so we are careful about how we share your information. We may share your information with RocaPay entities or businesses under contract with us...

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