You are good at networking
and want to monetize this skill? RocaPay's affiliate program is the right fit for you!

Two-Tier Affiliate Model

Directly invite merchants to sign up on RocaPay or get other affiliates to join the program and earn from their referrals too.

Lifetime Commission

Earn a lifetime commission of up to 50% of our fees every time your referrals and sub-referrals get paid in crypto for their goods and services.

Crypto or Fiat Payout

Get your referral bonus in any of the 40+ supported cryptocurrencies or in fiat money directly in your bank account.

How to start earning?


Sign up as an affiliate

Create an affiliate account and automatically get a custom referral link as well as professionally designed banners to help you promote RocaPay


Invite merchants to RocaPay

Spread the word about RocaPay within your merchant network, with other potential affiliates and on your website. Make sure your merchant and affiliate referrals sign up via your custom link.


Earn a commission on every transaction

You get up to 50% of our commission every time your merchant referrals receive crypto payments via RocaPay. The more they sell, the more you earn! If you manage to bring another affiliate to RocaPay, you will receive a percentage of your sub-affiliate referrals’ transactions as well.