Accept cryptocurrency payments in your online store Get started without any set-up fees and enjoy a quick and easy process.

For merchants of all types and sizes

The technology behind Bitcoin brings along secure and affordable payment services for every business. Start-ups, freelancers, retailers, wholesalers, airlines, hotels, high-risk merchants, we got you covered!

Access to a global customer base

Open your doors to clients from all parts of the world, as the number of cryptocurrency users is rising exponentially. Blockchain defies all boundaries so let your sales also join the borderless club.

100% merchant protection

The irreversible nature of blockchain transactions means unmatched merchant protection. You get 100% guarantee against fraudulent chargebacks, bringing your costs and headaches to a minimum.

Quick and Easy Process

Quick Sign-up and Verification Process

Forget about the lengthy applications and numerous questions, we are not your typical payment gateway. Follow our step-by-step verification process and you will be ready within a few minutes.

Easy Widget Integration

We have created plugins for the most popular shopping carts that can be easily implemented even by a non-technical person. And for those that know what they are doing, we are also providing an API to interact directly with our system.

Straightforward Crypto and Fiat Payout

Get your hard-earned money in digital or fiat currency with just a few clicks. You are in complete control! You can either keep your crypto and withdraw it to an external wallet, exchange it manually to EUR or USD when the rate is favorable or automatically convert the received coins to fiat, protecting yourself from any price risk.

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  • No set-up fees, no rolling reserves
  • Save 2% - 5% per transaction
  • 100% merchant protection
  • Quick & easy integration
  • Free merchant support
  • Crypto and Fiat Payout
RocaPay services both low- and high-risk merchants operating in various industries, among others: Recurring payments - Subscription / continuity-based billing *Adult entertainment and online dating *Travel and Hospitality *Gambling and Gaming *Tobacco *CBD *Beauty, Health and Fitness *Fashion and Apparel Home goods *Online retail *Law firms and Attorneys *Consultants *Forex brokers *Binary Options *Software development * Marketing and Advertising

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