So Far So Good

Combining our in-depth experience and proprietary technologies in managing and developing cryptocurrency exchange platforms and payment systems, we joined forces to create the most advanced merchant payment gateway solution.

May 2018 We joined forces and started work on RocaPay
October 2018 Support of first 8 tokens and wallet functionality released
November 2018 Developed API and Plugins for PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, OpenCart
December 2018 Crypto-to-fiat exchange functionality launched
February 2019 Obtained Estonian crypto exchange and wallet license
March 2019 All Top 20 coins support release
March 2019 EUR and USD settlement to merchant’s bank accounts
April 2019 Introduction of multiple local fiat currencies payout options
May 2019 Instant exchange widget for swapping ICO tokens with Bitcoin, Ethereum and other major cryptocurrencies
July 2019 Integration of fiat payout option to merchant’s debit/credit card
August 2019 Support of 40 crypto tokens
September 2019 Partnership with Electronic Money Institution to become both a fiat and crypto payment gateway
October 2019 Prepaid Visa or MasterCard linked to merchant’s Rocapay wallet
November 2019 Launch of Affiliate program
December 2019 Introduction of a mobile app for offline merchants to accept blockchain payments
January 2020 Launch of hot wallet service and worldwide cryptocurrency instant payment system with zero fees

What’s Next?

Seeing the potential of the technology behind Bitcoin, we aim to create not only a merchant payment gateway but a worldwide cryptocurrency global payment system for businesses and people alike.

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